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How it works

It’s no longer news that Bloggers makes big money every month and do you know how?

It’s simple! Google and other adverts Companies pay Bloggers to place adverts on their blogs/websites and the bloggers get paid when you visit and click on those adverts!

This simply means that bloggers make money when you visit their blog or website! So, the more you visit, the more money they make!

The question is, why do blog and website owners take all the money for themselves without giving a dime to the visitors who help them make the money?

This is the unique difference we are making on
We have designed a system that allows us to share our Revenue with our members every SATURDAYS , for performing activities on our Forum.

When you become a member, you can earn above N120,000 every month. How genuine is Naijafundz Income?

You may be wondering, is this another scam? No, It’s not at all… But unfortunately, the only way to prove that is to show you evidence so I would like you to click on Payout list and, see testimonies of members yourself.

We believe that since it costs money to be online (data, time, energy and phone/laptop), you should also be making Money while online!

Who Are We And Why Should You Trust Us?

Naijafundz Income is a very unique and legit platform in Nigeria. Our aim is to help everyone all over the internet.

Who can participate and why you should join NFundz?
Anyone with daily expenses can take part in Naijafundz Income Program. It is an equal opportunity open for:

Students, fresh Graduates, House Wives, Pensioners or anyone who wish to make money online.
Take advantage of your facebook friends, Instagram followers, WhatsApp, phone contacts and stop wasting your precious time online

How can I now Earn Money on

Members of Naijafundz Income earn money in various ways

Thus, For a member to earn money, he/she must purchase coupon code worth of ₦1500 from Naijafundz Income authorised coupon vendors/Dealers then apply the coupon code in the registration form in other to register his/her account and start earning!

When you are a member, you will Earn:

(1) Immediately you register, you will receive a whopping bonus of ₦300 credited straight to your account (Sign up bonus)

(2) Daily login bonus – ₦50

(3) Sharing our daily sponsored post to your Facebook timeline – ₦100

(4) Each comment you make on the site – N5

(5) Referral bonus – N1,000

Another way you can make money on this platform is when you become our coupon code vendor/distributor or agent you’d earn ₦100 on each of our code you sell.

My Account has been activated. What Next?

Once you’ve registered your account, you become a full member of Naijafundz Income

It’s time to perform activities and also refer your friends to the website using your referral link to make money!

Your referral link is displayed inside your dashboard. You click on marketing then affiliate link to view your referral link

Copy it and share it with your friends everywhere and we will pay you for each of them that registers through your link!

That’s cool right??? yeah, it’s time to get to work and make cool money! Here on Naijafundz Income you don’t just earn, you also learn and there’s no story, no excuse. We both work and we both share the profits. We are transparent and we are trustworthy.

How Will You Get Paid To your Bank Account And What Is The Minimum Payout? The minimum Withdrawal threshold is N5000 for referrals and N5000 for activity earners.

The withdrawal button is located inside your dashboard.

Once you apply for withdrawal, you should expect Bank Alert when approved.

I wonder what you are still waiting for? Join us now to earn cool cash straight to your bank account every week!!!

Welcome to Naijafundz Income!. Happy unlimited Earnings!

Do you still have a question?
Call/Whatsapp support + [Mondays-fridays]
Or send us mail:

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